Request a tutorial?

Reply with the link to the edit you want us to remake and we will try to post a tutorial!

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  1. ibelieveinimpossibledreams answered: how to make gifs
  2. obrians answered: how do i make the borders (for gifs) and gifs on one canvas like this… ?
  3. bakersmans answered: can you do a tutorial of how to make this frames?
  4. zomgstyles answered: i would like to know how to get this smooth/glowy effect i see it on tumblr alot…
  5. ayekidrauhls answered: i know everyone knows it but i dont, so how do i change theme on tumblr? what do i do with this html code i see when i click “download”?
  6. trillsus answered: I don’t have an edit that I would like you to remake right now but I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on makings GIFs? Thanks :)
  7. jessicaaplummer answered: How to apply PSDs
  8. hottiegilinsky answered: How to add those white borders to the pictures, it would be much better if you do it making a video ;) thanks
  9. underthemistlletoe answered: that transition…
  10. justinmallette answered: how to become justin biebers girlfriend
  11. lukesbigcock answered: banner tutorial
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